Hotel Ibis Bogotá Museo

The Golden Years

Ubicación:            Bogotá, Colombia

Año ejecución:      2018

Equipo:                Interior 1

Área diseñada:     600 m2

Cliente:                Accor Colombia

Alcance:               Diseño Interior - Renovación de áreas comunes

Estado:                Construido

The Golden Years

The Ibis Bogotá Museo Hotel is placed in a privileged setting.  Surrounded by spaces and buildings with a special character, like Centro Internacional Tequendama, La Independencia Park, San Diego Church, the Planetarium, La Santamaría bullfighting arena, Torres del Parque and the Museo Nacional, its surroundings offer a superlative showcase of the architectural and urban splendor of the city.  The area, known nowadays as Centro Internacional, was developed during several decades, starting back in the 1950's.

This specific urban condition served as an inspiration for the designer, Architect Natalia Heredia - director of the firm Interior 1, to develop the renovation of the lobby and common areas of the hotel.  Inspired by the decade of the 50 ́s, by its pastel colours and the geometric shapes that were found in all the built environments at that time, she developed a dynamic and attractive design with a radically contemporary character.  The main pieces of furniture, the reception desk and the bar, are structured by golden geometric elements, sober and elegant, that serve as contrast and at the same time complement the array of colours and textures set out for the background.

The exterior areas, which were extended by means of a glass pergola and a light and transparent enclosure, help incorporate the urban context to the interior areas, absorbing the city’s character and strengthening the relation between the interiors and the city that inspired their design.

Fotografía:  Jairo llano

 Design by Interior 1